Look into why youth find 'value' in 'sexualised' games

What is it that motivates orientation activity organisers to formulate games of a sexual nature ("Nussu apologises for 'indecent' freshman orientation games"; Aug 1)?

Do these youngsters gain a perverse pleasure from humiliating the freshmen, who then go about engaging in the activities with great reluctance and awkwardness?

Do they believe that by trivialising carnal knowledge and brazenly displaying their familiarity with sexual innuendo, they are demonstrating the extent of their progress to maturity?

Or are they mindlessly imitating their seniors, who, too, planned such demeaning games for their juniors during orientation camps of yore?

No matter the reason, the fact that our youngsters are even thinking up such games in the first place is great cause for concern.

Hopefully, measures can be taken to change the mindset held by our youngsters who find "value" in demeaning activities.

Eugene Tai Yun Heng