Live-out maids a good option for some households

I look forward to the live-out maid system ("Indonesia plans to stop sending new live-in maids abroad"; May 18, and "Live-out maids 'will lead to more costs, issues'"; May 19).

My current home is 90 sq m in size - very small indeed for a family of four.

I do not have room for a live-in maid and do not feel good having one sleep in the utility room, be it refurbished or not, or in the living room. But it would be nice to have someone familiar to help with the cleaning and ironing, and maybe cooking.

A live-out helper who works fixed hours will have her freedom, and I will have my home, when I return from work, all cleaned.

If I need her to stay back or come in earlier because of certain situations, I can compensate her with overtime pay.

But the mandatory security bond has to be removed. The maid is now an independent individual responsible for her own behaviour.

Currently, there are many who work a few households for extra cash and their employers allow it (or not). I would love to have a maid for just a few hours, but have not dared to venture into this illegal activity.

If live-out help is available, a half-day at home A and another half-day at home B will be just like what cleaning companies offer. And this system may create more opportunities for these firms too.

Cherie Sim Mui Hoon (Ms)