Litter still a big problem

Is the National Environment Agency (NEA) having problems with the deployment of cleaners or is it facing a shortage of workers?

I notice that Singapore is getting dirtier by the day. For the past few weeks, the places that I pass by every day seem to be littered with the same rubbish, as well as newer garbage.

Places such as Geylang Serai market, void decks in the area and bushes along the perimeter, the bridge linking the market to Joo Chiat Complex, Seah Im Food Centre and the stairs going down to the bus stop and even the whole stretch of road along Marina East Drive are filled with rubbish.

Some strewn vessels also contain water, and these can breed mosquitoes.

When alerted to this problem, the NEA typically replies that it deploys hundreds of cleaners every day.

The NEA should find out why there is still so much litter around and should tackle the root of the problem.

Shah Pakri