Lions must adopt counter-attack strategy

In order to bring back the Kallang Roar and make Singapore a regional powerhouse again, the Lions need to be more positive in their outlook (S'pore team needs to play attacking football, by Mr George Pasqual; June 7).

National coach V. Sundramoorthy has to abandon his ultra-defensive tactics. Defending in numbers against superior opposition is prudent, but it has to be combined with an effective counter-attacking strategy.

We seem to play with fear and trepidation, even against modest opponents. This exposes our weaknesses and frustrates both the opposition and fans.

Most of our opponents expect to dominate possession against Singapore because of their technically superior players.

As the S-League has problems attracting talented local players, since the game does not pay well enough, the national coach has to cut his coat according to the amount of cloth at his disposal.

Sundram has to make the Lions' style of play more effective to forge a team that is harder to beat.

If things remain status quo, interest in local soccer will continue to go into steep decline, together with the fortunes of our national team.

Edmund Khoo Kim Hock