Light from phone source of irritation to other movie-goers

Most people who go to the movies these days are considerate and put their mobile phones on silent mode. After all, it is part of being courteous.

But many movie-goers do not seem to realise that the light from the phone is also irritating.

The light that is emitted is glaring and distracting. And when it comes on a number of times during a movie, it can even be stressful, which is not good, since many of us watch movies to relax.

I am a regular movie-goer and I am seeing more and more people fidgeting with their phone, turning it on to check messages and so on, several times during a movie. Some even carry out lengthy text message exchanges.

On occasion, I have even observed people watching videos on their phones while at the movies.

Cinemas already request that movie-goers put their phones on silent mode before the start of a show.

Perhaps, there should be some reminders urging viewers to use their phones only when they must read urgent messages.

Otherwise, that person should be called out for being inconsiderate and depriving others of a good time at the movies.

Clemente Escano