Letter of the week #1: Comments on Joseph Schooling's physique unnecessarily harsh

Joseph Schooling during the Southeast Asian Games at the New Clark City Aquatics Center in Capas, Tarlac province, Philippines. PHOTO: SNOC

I refer to the recent media attention paid to Joseph Schooling's physique.

I was dismayed to read the unflattering adjectives - heavier than usual, heftier - used. His present physique may still be envied by many of us.

It is reasonable to assume that Schooling still has many training cycles to go before peaking for the Olympics, seven months away.

An athlete of his stature would not find any input that the general public has to offer on his fitness regime particularly helpful.

The coverage thus struck me as rather crass and unnecessary. Surely the media can treat Schooling with more respect and kindness. As Singapore's most successful Olympian, he deserves better.

Joshua Yeo Yee Peng

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