Let's not take to bans as optimal solution

The rough and tumble of freshman orientation in universities are part and parcel of campus life, and while "sexualised" activities are not authorised and should not be carried out, a blanket suspension of all orientation activities is nothing but a knee-jerk reaction ("NUS suspends all orientation activities"; July 30).

It has been a habit of many Singaporeans to quickly call on the authorities to ban whatever they deem undesirable, but does such a mindset make us a better nation?

In this case, perhaps questions should be asked as to the reasons for undesirable and crude activities being carried out, so that the pertinent issues can be addressed at their root.

A little fun and games go a long way to foster bonding and break the ice for freshmen, as they embark on university education to prepare them for life.

I am not condoning activities that are sexual in nature or those that may be detrimental to racial and religious harmony, but Singaporeans must not lose their sense of humour.

A nation that can laugh at itself instead of implementing bans for the slightest reason is a mature nation that will go far.

A sense of humour can even carry us through tough times.

One shouldn't run to the powers that be at the remotest hint of being slighted or insulted.

Michael Loh Toon Seng (Dr)