Let's not profit from arms sales

I found it discomforting to read about ST Kinetics supplying arms to foreign militaries, including the United States Marine Corps and the British Armed Forces ("Singapore-made arms to be produced overseas"; Oct 1).

The global arms industry profits unhealthily and accumulates wealth from the wanton slaughter of human beings and the destruction of whole communities.

Although it is our duty as international citizens to help the nations of the free world keep evil and terror at bay, it is not unheard of that their weapons end up falling into the wrong hands, into the custody of those who may use the weapons made here to commit human rights violations.

We do not know with complete certainty how Singapore-made arms are distributed and employed, but a scenario such as the one above is a possibility, however remote.

Commerce may be the lifeblood of our trading nation, but we should not be a people who profit from war.

Surely, there are less morally dubious means of securing revenue other than arms sales.

Muhammad Faris Joraimi