Let's not go cashless mindlessly

In our push to become a cashless society, we need to be mindful of one of the objectives for wanting to do it in the first place: convenience for both the consumer and the organisation.

But some organisations seem to have forgotten that.

An example is Yishun Swimming Complex. A while ago, it decided to go cashless. Overnight, the perfectly functional cash ticket machine there was sealed up and most of the turnstiles became useless.

Entry was only by the ActiveSG app or Nets cards, which only one turnstile was equipped to accept.

Those who did not have either had to go to a counter to pay and have their details recorded.

I find this rather misguided. As it was, most people with the app or Nets cards were already using these to enter.

There is no reason to remove the ticket machine as it was serving those who may not have the app, including senior citizens not familiar with technology or smartphones, or those who have forgotten their cards.

I hope organisations think through and ensure that their processes and systems are ready before they go "cashless".

There is no point rushing through this, if it just means more inconvenience.

Yeo Yujin