Let's not encourage bad behaviour

The suggestion to pick up a stray bicycle that is lying around and place it in a proper parking space whenever we see one is easier said than done (See a stray bike? Move it to the right spot; May 29).

While it is easy to remove a bike that causes an obstruction at a Housing Board lift lobby or the letter-box area, it can be a big task to do likewise for the bicycles left indiscriminately at bin collection centres, carpark spaces, walkways and playgrounds.

Such a civil deed may, in fact, encourage errant users to persist as they might get the impression that others will clean up after them.

Given that more people are using bicycles as a mode of transport as well as for recreational purposes, it is imperative that the relevant government agency and the bike-sharing companies study the issue and come up with some measures to solve this problem.

Bike "littering", if left unchecked, could pose a big problem - especially in an emergency, if they are left at emergency exits and staircases.

Let us not wait until that happens.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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