Let's have more elderly-friendly queues

The rate technology is being introduced and used in society and the rising number of elderly point to a need for more "elderly priority" or "elderly only" queues.

As the elderly are likely to struggle with adopting many tech advancements, they are always at a disadvantage.

For example, instead of waiting in a taxi queue, the younger ones would just use their apps to get a taxi or a private-hire car, which many elderly citizens would not know how to do.

I was recently told about an elderly couple having to stand in a queue at a fast-food outlet because they did not know how to use the self-service terminal.

Standing in a queue for 15 minutes when you are 75 and over can be a challenge.

Perhaps all retail outlets, restaurants, government offices and so on should introduce elderly-priority queues.

These people belong to the generation that helped build this country, so let us not forgot them as we move forward.

Talib Dohadwala