Let's be firm about no seat choping rule

The "house rules" is a great initiative, but "Don't chope seats" can still be subjected to interpretation and discretion (Two hawker centres set 'house rules' against choping, by the National Environment Agency; Sept 2).

"No seat choping" or "No choping of seats" might be clearer and leave no room for arguments.

The National Environment Agency also suggested that these house rules be extended to other hawker centres "where possible".

They should be extended to all NEA controlled hawker centres on a mandatory basis.

As choping is prevalent nationally, we should encourage the display of these house rules on a national basis.

Other government agencies should be made to display these house rules, for example, at the public libraries and community centres where this habit is prevalent.

Privately run food courts should be encouraged to display these rules as part of the tender requirements.

Ray Teo Guat Choon