Let users know when lift, escalator repair jobs will be completed

An escalator technician uses a floor plate lifting device to open the floor plate bolt of an escalator. PHOTO: ST FILE

Whenever a lift or escalator is under repair, it is frustrating for those who use it regularly to not know what necessitated the repair or when users can expect to see the lift or escalator back in service.

The escalator at the Outram Park station, on the East-West Line, has been out of service for almost two weeks now.

I am certain the contractor does not have the spare parts and is awaiting their arrival.

Going by the experience from the escalators at The Central and Chinatown Point malls, it could be another 10 weeks before the repair is completed.

It would be useful for those who use it everyday if the contractor or the relevant authority could post the following information on a notice board nearby: date when the system failed; date when the repair is expected to be completed; time required for parts to arrive; time required for repair once parts are received; reason for the failure.

At the minimum, users should be told when the system would be up and running again.

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