Let travellers pack, unpack with dignity

Travellers spreading the contents of their luggage all over the floor is a common sight in airports, especially near the tax refund area.

They have to squat on the floor to retrieve items or pack them away before and after their dealings with the tax refund authorities. Meanwhile, the contents of their luggage are exposed to all passers-by.

This is a problem travellers face at airports all over the world. I certainly have done more than my fair share of squatting on floors at airports in many cities.

Travellers would appreciate it a great deal if the airport authorities could provide waist-high ledges to allow them to retrieve their belongings or to repack their luggage with some dignity.

This will certainly go some way towards helping our airport authority maintain its world-class ranking among all the other airports in the world.

Chia Boon Teck

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