Let punters queue to place bets

I read with concern last Saturday's article ("Skip the queue for Toto and 4-D bets?") and urge the relevant authorities to reconsider if there is a need to make betting an easy option.

The shortage of manpower in Singapore may be a problem, but is this a good enough reason to automate gambling?

Although the United States, Australia and China already have self-service lottery kiosks, must we follow suit?

What is the point of setting up the National Council on Problem Gambling on the one hand, and then making it easier to place a bet on the other?

How can the authorities ensure that no underage person is able to place a bet via such self-service kiosks?

There is no need to help punters "save the hassle" of queueing to place Toto and 4-D bets. Punters do not mind queueing to try their luck. We see many of these people willingly queueing for hours at the so-called "hot spot" betting outlets whenever there is a big lottery prize.

For the sake of our young, let us not make betting an easy option.

Elliot Taylor Hong