Leicester's win shows spirit of EPL

Leicester City winning the English Premier League (EPL) title, with a little bit of help from Asia, is heartwarming to say the least, and shows how ties across the world have grown and brought us closer together in the modern era of the game ("Leicester fans here in 'la-la land' after title victory"; May 4).

The injection of discipline, determination and togetherness, to take on and overcome the odds, spiced with a little spiritualism, is worth studying as a model for those wanting to build successful teams, not just in football, but also in other team sports.

What the East has to offer the West has been around for centuries, and is now extending across the world, even to a humble English city, helping it rise above the sum of its parts to produce a team that today rules the league in England.

Who would have thought, at the start of the season, that a team outside of the capital and not from Manchester would be sitting at the top of the league?

It shows why the English league is the most followed worldwide, unlike the Spanish, Italian, and German leagues, where the usual teams tend to dominate.

In England, there are now going to be many teams following in Leicester's footsteps, trying to become the next winner of the crown.

This, of course, has much to do with its history, where there has always been a willingness to venture beyond one's means.

English football, which is perhaps the most fluid and exciting there is, thrives on this, with all its rough edges.

Manoraj Rajathurai