Learn to tell genuine multi-level marketing from fakes

A total ban on multi-level marketing (MLM) as proposed by Ms Tan Sze Ying in her letter would be extreme, if not unjustified (Consider banning multi-level marketing; Nov 5).

This is especially so when the Government has specifically enacted the Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Selling (Prohibition) Act.

The Act regulates MLM activities in Singapore and spells out what are legitimate direct selling activities and what are not.

Consumers must learn how to differentiate between illegal schemes, poorly conceived ones, and legitimate MLM.

Being the voice of direct selling, which encompasses MLM, the Direct Selling Association of Singapore has worked on regulating, and educating the public on fair and ethical practices.

We also work with the Consumers Association of Singapore in various ways to educate the public.

We encourage members of the public to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge to decide, before committing to any endeavour.

Chang Lee Liang

Executive Secretary

Direct Selling Association of Singapore