Learn from China's experience with e-bikes

Having been based in China for two years, I can understand the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) concerns about motorised bicycles ("LTA clamps down on motorised bikes"; Nov 20 and "E-bike rules a missed opportunity to innovate" by Professor A. Lee Gilbert; Nov 24).

I used to think driving on Singapore roads was a pain due to dangerous motorists and cyclists. In China, it is worse because of the additional hazard of e-bike users.

China has built a private lane for all cyclists and e-bikes users, but many flout the rules by riding on the main roads.

Many e-bike users in China also break the rules by riding against the traffic flow and also fail to signal before turning, which has caused many accidents.

Worst of all is that e-bike users are not licensed to ride and do not have licence plates on their vehicles. They are the real "kings of the road" because they do not need to pay road tax, nor do they have licence plates or insurance.

Singapore must learn from China and not make the same mistake.

I hope that China and Singapore will start to implement laws for e-bike users that include training and licences before they are allowed to ride on the road.

Ace Kindredzen Cheong