Leaks at MRT stations an eyesore

During the past few months, many MRT commuters would have witnessed a constant eyesore at several stations along the recently opened Circle and Downtown lines: water or some unknown liquid dripping onto the floor or into pails.

The affected stations include Stevens, Botanic Gardens and Haw Par Villa.

For example, on the morning of Sept 7, the Stevens station had at least two leaking spots, one located indoors, near an escalator, and the other along the covered walkway behind the Bukit Timah Road bus stop.

The leaks are probably due to defective architectural designs and/or shoddy workmanship.

Such leaks cause inconvenience to commuters, especially during peak periods.

I urge the authorities to investigate the causes of the construction deficiencies and take remedial action to avoid their recurrence.

Ang Ah Lay