Leaders must serve all residents

General Election 2015 was interesting, with all parties exhibiting both the good and the bad during rallies.

Also, we saw much more of our MPs in the neighbourhoods than we did in the past five years.

Now that the dust has settled, it is time for nation building.

Spare us the politicking; save it for election rallies. On a day-to-day basis, we wish to see nation building, uniting every Singaporean as one people and seeing real improvements for all, regardless of which constituency we live in.

Regardless of which party may have won which constituencies, the ruling party should be altruistic enough to work with the other parties to improve the lives of all residents in the nation.

Some may think that this will be helping the opposition, but this will improve our faith in the ruling party and will be an investment towards our future together.

Only if every Singaporean can live and work together, starting from the very top, will we have a truly great nation.

The elected MPs must constantly remind themselves that they have a duty to serve every Singaporean, regardless of race, language, religion, or constituency.

Ng Kei Yong