Large prams an obstruction in trains

On Oct 12, at about 6.15pm, I boarded the train at Chinatown station heading towards Dhoby Ghaut. Inside the train, at the doorway, stood a woman with a long and large pram, with a toddler sitting in it, obstructing the entire aisle.

She was with another woman, who was sitting down and chatting with her. The huge pram prevented passengers from moving into the centre of the train. We were all jammed near the doorway as we had no room to move past, or cross over, the pram.

Subsequent passengers waiting at Clarke Quay station had difficulty getting onto the train. There was no more space near the doorway, even though there was space in the centre.

There should be some restrictions on these large prams, especially during peak hours.

MRT attendants and security guards should be instructed on the small vehicles (prams, wheelchairs, bicycles) that are allowed onto trains, the size limitations, and whether these need to be folded up before boarding.

There should be signs in the stations so that the rules are clear. There is a safety issue if these vehicles obstruct passengers.

Wong Kam Cheng (Mrs)