Lack of recycling bins at NDP Preview

I attended this year's golden jubilee National Day Parade Preview as a volunteer. It was indeed a memorable and enjoyable experience.

However, I was disturbed by the apparent lack of recycling bins at the venue. If there were any, they were placed at less accessible locations.

An average of three plastic bottles of drinking water were issued to each person there. With an estimated 200,000 participants, that works out to 600,000 plastic bottles being discarded at the end of the event, instead of being recycled.

While public funds are being used to promote the "reduce, reuse, recycle" initiative, it is disheartening to see community events consigning recyclables straight to the incinerators.

I hope the various agencies will work together and take the lead to make the culture of recycling a reality in Singapore.

Lian Guan Mui (Miss)