Kids in trouble: Parents' negligence should not be condoned

The recent incident where a four-year-old boy fell into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo in the United States reminded me of another terrifying incident in Singapore last year, where a toddler got her head stuck between a laundry pole and the ledge of a second-storey flat.

In both cases, the children's lives were saved. Zookeepers at the US zoo had no choice but to shoot and kill the gorilla to save the boy, while in the incident in Singapore, two foreign workers climbed up to the parapet to help free the two-year-old girl, risking injury and even death ("Outrage on social media after zoo kills gorilla to save boy"; May 31, and "Rescuers' only thought was to save toddler"; April 25, 2015).

Both cases raise questions on parental responsibility.

The joy of parenthood is unparalleled, but parents should understand what it entails. It means they are entrusted with a great responsibility - taking care of their children.

In particular, they have to pay special attention if their children are young. A toddler is going to do something out of curiosity, without knowing the danger that lurks ahead.

The negligence of parents, especially those with toddlers in their care, should not be condoned.

Bobby Yeo Chek Hong