Keeping S'pore safe must be an ongoing exercise

It is true that terrorism has no religion ("No religion to blame for violence: Faith groups"; Nov 15).

To the terrorists, killing innocent people, regardless of religion, culture or nationality, is acceptable if they can achieve their mission.

Although our leaders have swiftly implemented heightened security measures to ensure our safety and welfare following the Paris terror attacks, our people can also play an equally important role in cooperating in this anti-terrorism strategy.

It is very important that we be vigilant always and report any suspicious characters and activities to the authorities.

Some may take this exhortation lightly, but they should know that being fully prepared for any eventuality goes a long way towards protecting ourselves and others who live and work in our country.

People may take security for granted because they think that a terror attack is an unlikely occurrence in Singapore, but we should all heed Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam's advice that no country is immune to such barbaric attacks ("Singapore raises alert level, steps up security"; Nov 15).

Therefore, we should all make a concerted effort to keep Singapore safe not only in the wake of terror attacks, but also on a day-to-day basis, as an ongoing exercise.

In short, being vigilant against undesirable elements has no expiry date - it should be our way of life.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng