Keep fine-tuning programmes to build charities sector

I have worked and volunteered in the charities sector for many years, and have met some of the most committed and respectable people I know there ("Holding charities to account"; Nov 5).

There are volunteers who commit consistently to charitable causes on top of their busy work schedules and family commitments; some gave up lucrative, high-paying corporate jobs to serve in the sector, and other, younger ones, demonstrated the passionate and compassionate side of their generation.

The vast majority of them have their hands on the plough, working the field diligently and conscientiously in the hope that their efforts will bear fruit and impact beneficiaries, and not for any personal gain.

Just providing grants, professionals and consultants on a short-term basis may not result in the desired outcome.

The reasons are varied: It can be due to the stage of development in the organisation, as most charities are rather small, both financially as well as in terms of staffing.

I believe both the capacity builders and the charities will continue to work together to fine-tune and enhance any programme to take governance standards to a new level.

It is both a growth and evolution journey that will take time, but I am confident we will get there.

Clement Chung Beng Kwong