Keep carry-ons in mind when planning public transport capacities

As the authorities calculate and plan bus and train capacities in line with making the nation more car-lite, there is one consideration they should keep in mind.

Commuters carry various items with them on buses and trains. These include big bags with electronic devices, shopping bags, grocery carts, luggage, wheelchairs and strollers.

All these take up space, and we will only see more people with these carry-ons, as more commuters choose to use public transport.

If train and bus operators think only of how many people they can pack into their vehicles, they will end up underservicing a route and upsetting commuters.

The aisles in buses, particularly at the rear, are currently very narrow - one passenger standing in the aisle results in very little space for others to squeeze through to disembark. Movement is even more difficult if the passenger is carrying bulky belongings.

Lee Wei Yin (Ms)