Issue of students' mealtimes still not addressed

Students having their meals in a school canteen. PHOTO: ST FILE

I wrote to the Ministry of Education with similar concerns about mealtimes (Ensure students have meals at a proper time, by Ms Lim Wan Keng; Jan 25) in 2011, when my daughters were still in school.

I was also disturbed by the long duration between breakfast (before 6am) and lunch (3pm), with an irregularly timed break in between.

In an adult workplace, which employee would accept having lunch at 3pm on most days? Yet our children are expected to accept this schedule as the norm in school.

In 2011, I received a polite response from the ministry, saying that it was up to the schools, but that it would look into the matter.

I think six years is long enough.

Sharon Khoo Li-min (Ms)

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