Introduce taxi models friendlier to passengers who are disabled

As a paraplegic, public transport is an integral part of my outdoor activities.

I commend the train and bus companies for implementing handicap-accessible facilities in their infrastructure.

However, I am concerned about our taxis.

It perturbs me that some of the newer taxis have doors that open at a smaller swing angle. This might hinder the transferring of a passenger who is disabled. The seats are also too deep inside the taxi, which requires more effort for someone like myself to board.

It is hard to get used to such a variety of taxis in all shapes and sizes.

I am aware of and thankful for transport services that serve people who are disabled. But there are times when a regular taxi is needed for more immediate transport.

I certainly hope that taxi companies here have taken due consideration for all passengers, able-bodied or otherwise, when deciding on which new models to introduce and which old models to retire.

Julian Yeo Siu-Kang