Introduce reward system for shoppers who use own bags

There has been much debate regarding the excessive use of plastic bags by consumers in supermarkets, and whether there is a need to start charging for these bags.

The supermarkets would have factored in the cost of plastic bags when deciding on the selling price of their products.

Hence, it would be unfair to the consumers to pay an additional charge for plastic bags. It is also unlikely to deter them from using the bags and even generate unhappiness.

That being said, I understand the importance of environmental conservation and how individuals ought to do their part in this area.

I propose using the "carrot" rather than the "stick".

Instead of charging consumers extra, supermarkets could reward those who use their own recyclable bags.

Whenever a shopper uses his own bag, the supermarket can award him points, under a rewards system.

When a certain number of points is collected, the shopper is entitled to rewards such as recyclable bags and coupons.

I hope supermarkets consider this, and that the reward system will get more Singaporeans to join efforts to conserve the environment.

Cheryl Chua (Miss)