Insurance claim rejected due to odd clause

Recently, I bought travel insurance with an added sports coverage from Chubb Insurance before I went mountain biking with my family in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Unfortunately, my 14-year-old son fell and landed on his ribs.

We did not see a doctor in Chiang Mai as it didn't seem that bad. When we returned to Singapore, as a precautionary measure, I brought him to the doctor for a consultation.

However, when I submitted the claim to Chubb, it was rejected based on the clause that he had to have seen a doctor in Chiang Mai first before seeing a doctor upon his return to Singapore.

This clause doesn't make sense as it means that even if I don't think it's necessary, I'd have to see a doctor while I'm travelling so as to be able to claim for my doctor's visits in Singapore.

Low Li Peng (Ms)