Installing fans at amphiteatre: Esplanade replies

We thank Ms Catherine Tai Siew Leng for her feedback ("Install large fans at Esplanade amphitheatre"; Forum Online, Nov 6).

We are glad to hear that Ms Tai and her friends had enjoyed the Getai Sing-along concert presented by Esplanade at the centre's Outdoor Theatre, as part of our annual A Date With Friends festival for seniors.

While evenings by the Marina Bay waterfront are generally quite breezy, the tropical heat and humidity can at times get in the way of audiences fully enjoying our Outdoor Theatre performances.

However, industrial-type electric fans with a mist function, like Ms Tai suggested, tend to generate noise and gusts that can be picked up and amplified by the microphones used and, hence, compromise the performances.

Nonetheless, we will explore other ways of making the Outdoor Theatre performance experience even more comfortable for our audiences.

Yvonne Tham

Assistant Chief Executive Officer

The Esplanade Co Ltd