Install CCTVs to catch those who flout 'No Riding' rule

I applaud the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for tightening technical requirements for motorised bicycles and rolling out much stiffer penalties as the number of offences related to these two-wheelers soars ("LTA clamps down on motorised bikes"; Nov 20).

On many occasions, I have had to make way for riders of motorised bikes either heading towards me or approaching from behind, even under covered walkways or on footpaths.

I have also noticed a rising number of cyclists and motorised bikers using the ramps at overhead bridges as shortcuts.

I hope the LTA can install closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to catch these inconsiderate riders in action, blatantly flouting the "No Riding" signs placed at such ramps.

These ramps are for wheelchair users and those who cannot climb the stairs, but now they are also used as a shortcut by errant riders who think they have the right of way.

Soh Swee Kiat