Install cameras at zebra crossings

A raised pedestrian crossing outside Block 205 Toa Payoh North. PHOTO: ST FILE

It is worrisome that there have been accidents at zebra crossings recently (56-year-old woman dies in accident with Trans-Cab taxi in Dorset Road, ST Online, Jan 4; Passers-by help block off open manhole on road; Jan 19).

The party at fault and the cause of accidents at zebra crossings are often hard to determine.

Some drivers step on the pedal and increase the speed of their vehicles to avoid having to wait for the pedestrians to cross, especially in areas with high human traffic, and this could result in accidents.

Sometimes pedestrians may cause accidents by crossing suddenly, giving drivers little or no time to react.

The authorities should consider installing traffic cameras at zebra crossings and increasing the punishment for both drivers and pedestrians who break the rules.

Ang Hak Heng

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