Inspired by role model who breaks the mould

I am inspired by Miss Natasha Ann Lum Mei Seem, who was awarded both the prestigious SAF Scholarship and the President's Scholarship ("Late bloomer is school's 1st President's Scholar"; Aug 24).

She is truly a role model for young people, especially girls. And to think that she was perceived as "a middling student" and "girlish and timid" during her secondary school years.

Miss Lum has inspired young people to not give up, and to step out of their comfort zones and explore new things.

This will lead them to discover more about themselves, be it their strengths, weaknesses or areas of interest.

I am also inspired by Miss Lum to pursue my own dreams and interests despite what social norms dictate.

Her decision to join the Singapore Armed Forces came from an interest sparked by her father.

Her story tells many young women in Singapore that it is possible to work, and even excel, in industries which are dominated by men.

I hope to be able to hear and read more of such inspiring stories in Singapore as more young people take charge of their dreams.

Choo Ting Xuan (Miss)