Initiatives to create a vibrant reading culture

We thank Miss Sherie Low Wenn Lynn for her support and love for reading ("Reading relaxes, broadens minds"; Forum Online, April 12).

The National Library Board recognises the need for adults to continue the habit of reading. We know that finding time to read is a challenge, especially for many adults. With the upcoming National Reading Movement, we will be rolling out initiatives that complement their busy lifestyles.

For example, our upcoming Read@Work programme and library-themed trains encourage adults to read at their workplaces and while commuting.

We will be launching a two-month pledging campaign on June 3 so that everyone can pledge to Read More, Read Widely, and Read Together.

We also invite everyone to join us by setting aside some time to read with their families and friends on National Reading Day on July 30.

The National Reading Movement is a community effort. Together, we hope to be able to develop a nation of lifelong readers and create a vibrant reading culture in Singapore.

Catherine Lau (Ms)

Assistant Chief Executive

Public Library Services

National Library Board