Increasing lack of respect for rules

I live in a condominium near the Singapore River, and I see people trying to catch fish there all the time. This act is particularly common at night and on weekends.

Fishing is not allowed on the internal waterways. But the prohibition is completely ignored and there is a lack of signs to advise about such a rule.

Recently, one lone sign was displayed in Robertson Quay. It was amusing to see anglers operating just metres away from it.

Why aren't notices installed at regular distances on the banks of internal waterways?

This brings up another topic: the increasing lack of civic responsibility from the public.

Until lately, signs were displayed at bridge underpasses along the Singapore River, saying that there was a $1,000 fine if a cyclist did not dismount and push the bicycle. These signs were completely ignored.

Now, the signs just say "Please dismount and push". These, too, have been ignored.

I remember a time when a few fines and corrective work orders were effective in sending a proper reminder to those flouting the civic rules.

Now, too many people disregard signs and signals for an ordered and civil cohabitation, in a city that is becoming more and more congested.

Pedestrians snub red lights, people dump rubbish in the streets, and food outlets occupy public walkways outside their premises.

These are just a few examples of the non-respect for rules as well as their lack of enforcement.

Rinaldo Romani