Increase reliability of mail delivery

Lately, I have been receiving mail addressed to my neighbours in my mailbox.

This started to happen about a year ago, about once or twice a month on average.

Usually, the address bears the same street name as mine, but a neighbour's house number.

However, recently, a letter was delivered bearing the same house number as mine, but a street name from another estate.

I am certain that this was no fault of the postman, as the mail is bundled together. Hence, the mistake was probably made during sorting.

I understand that Singapore Post is a commercial organisation, but is profitability overriding the reliability of mail services?

If others' mail could be delivered wrongly to my address, wouldn't that mean my mail could be delivered wrongly as well?

I am very concerned, as missing mail could lead to missing information or deadlines, with financial consequences and other penalties.

Could SingPost look into this and take remedial action?

Young Chun Hui

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