Increase fines for speeding vehicles

I agree that the authorities should curb the speeding of heavy vehicles ("Taming roaring hulks on the road"; Sept 11).

Accidents impose a heavy burden on society as a whole.

The authorities should concentrate on the root cause of accidents.

Heavy vehicles and passenger buses are owned and operated with the objective of maximising commercial objectives.

Therefore, the authorities should discourage speeding through heavy disincentives, such as increasing speeding fines to a minimum of $750 for the first offence, $1,000 for the second offence, and $1,500 and a two-year suspension for the third offence. The stipulated demerit points are to apply too.

This way, owners and drivers of heavy vehicles and buses will prioritise public road safety.

The number of vehicles on the roads has increased noticeably. The fines for speeding cars and motorcycles should also be increased.

Public road safety awareness and enforcement must be strengthened.

With the Government's push for society to go car-lite, use public transport and cycle more, and given our rapidly ageing population, all drivers, regardless of the type of vehicle, must exercise more caution, patience and thoughtfulness.

Sum Kam Weng