Inconsiderate behaviour of dog owners


Dog owners are still not taking responsibility for their pets' excrement. Though some are picking it up, they have very conveniently deposited it into someone else's garbage container meant solely for household refuse.

Some home owners in my estate have gone as far as to put up warning notices - that such antisocial behaviour is being monitored by closed-circuit television cameras and those caught will be reported to the police.

It must be emphasised that the dustbins placed outside landed properties - meant for waste collectors - should be treated with more respect for the sake of households that use them and those who toil each day to dispose of their contents.

It is disgusting to say the least when you open your dustbin and find someone else's dog faeces in it.

In my estate, the warning notices have been there for weeks, which means these have done little to encourage the culprits to bag the excrement home and deal with it themselves.

It seems that having respect and consideration for others is still a trait that many dog owners lack.

Manoraj Rajathurai