Inconsiderate and unhygienic littering act

Over the past few weeks, I have had to use a carpark at Block 569A, Champions Way (facing Innova Primary School) in Woodlands and have been disgusted by the littering there.

Every morning, the ground is littered with soiled diapers.

For instance, on Wednesday morning, there were three soiled diapers on the ground - all exposed.

The area was eventually swept clean, but when I returned an hour later, yet another diaper had appeared.

This behaviour irks me terribly. Have the authorities not been informed of this?

I have seen litter around and am aware that we are far from a gracious nation.

However, I appalled by this person's lack of consideration for hygiene and the persistence of the act.

The authorities need to put a stop to this.

Johnstone Lin Howe Seng