Improve maintenance regime of buses

I was glad to read about the remarkable initiatives being put in place by the Land Transport Authority and transport operators here ("More user-friendly public transport system"; Sept 27).

These plans are highly commendable, but there are other areas that need to be addressed, in terms of safety for all public transport commuters.

The authorities should seriously consider putting in place a more rigid and regular maintenance programme, to ensure that public buses and trains are in tip-top condition at all times.

I have frequently been frustrated and annoyed by the jerky movement of buses moving off from and stopping at bus stops. This could be due to inadequate maintenance or poor driving skills by the bus drivers.

I have also noticed that some older buses emit black smoke.

Once, I spotted a cockroach on a bus. It quickly hid between the gaps of the seats.

Bus arrival times can also be irregular. Often, two buses of the same service arrive at the same time, while at other times, it is a wait of more than 15 minutes.

Sometimes, when there is a queue of buses, drivers are known to open the front doors even though they are two or three buses away from the bus bay. Commuters run to it to avoid missing it after a long wait. This is dangerous for the elderly.

Michael Francis Teo Peck Kee