Improve info panels on MRT platforms

Now that the Public Transport Council has been assigned the task of reassessing the public transport system ("Beefed-up PTC to lead review of transport system"; Jan 23), I hope it will also look into the daily woes of train commuters.

Currently, the platform information display panel on the East-West line is located at one end of the train platforms.

The text is not visible to commuters standing further away.

These panels not only serve to inform commuters of the arrival times of trains and their destinations, but can also be an additional means of ensuring calm and good order in the event of emergencies by giving necessary information.

The current panels lack visibility and the capacity to deliver more detailed information to commuters.

Ideally, these displays should be located at both ends and in the middle of every platform.

Upgrading these panels would benefit commuters in a manner that far outweighs the costs incurred.

The displays could also attract more advertising revenue, which may eventually lead to cost recovery.

Andrew Seow Chwee Guan