Impose hefty fines on rear-seat passengers who don't belt up

It is heart-wrenching to read of fatal accidents involving young people in the prime of their lives (800 caught every month for not belting up; April 25).

The subject of rear-seat passengers belting up is not new.

Studies have shown that belting up can make the difference between life and death.

More than half of the 30 respondents polled by The Straits Times do not use seat belts when seated at the back. The reasons ranged from apathy to it not being a habit with them.

A draconian rule should be put in place to penalise drivers of any vehicle, whose responsibility it is to ensure passengers buckle up.

Failure to do so should lead to a hefty fine and demerit points.

Passengers who fail to belt up should also be fined.

Unless and until a strict code of law is enforced, road deaths and injuries will continue.

Bennie Cheok