Impose heavier penalties on drivers who jump queue

Long lines of cars near Woodlands Checkpoint on Dec 15, 2018 . PHOTO: ST FILE

At the slip roads leading into major highways, I often encounter drivers who jump queue and do not wait orderly in line with the many other motorists.

In particular, I have experienced this multiple times in the Yio Chu Kang slip road into the Central Expressway.

On some days, traffic officers can be seen at the site. This usually reduces the problem but, in their absence, the problem resurfaces.

Perhaps enforcement measures should be stepped up or double white lines drawn on the road to address the problem. Installing cameras would also help.

If all else fail, perhaps higher fines should be imposed on such errant drivers.

There should also be differentiated penalties for the different types of queue-jumping.

Those who do so aggressively, for example, could be fined under the careless driving category, which carries a heavier fine.

Aggressive queue-jumping often infuriates other motorists and can lead to road rage. Drivers who do so also tarnish the good image of other Singaporeans.

Janet Wong Ng Lin Seong

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