Important to remember we do not suffer alone

It is frightening to learn of the high prevalence of teenage suicides ("Teen suicides 'highest in 15 years but overall rate falls'"; July 26).

One cannot envisage the terrible aftermath of a successful suicide.

What are the measures of support offered to teens who failed in their attempts? Could their problems be addressed by talking about it?

Collectively, we need to actively reject suicide, and get this into our heads, both at a personal level and in large communal settings.

It is crucial to know that deciding against suicide creates its own practical strengths: When one speaks of such commitment to living, others may be encouraged to live and to find the resources to survive pain.

We sometimes need to be reminded that life is where everything happens.

When the going gets tough, we can forget that we live in a web of significance and emotional interdependence with the many people in our lives.

It can be a tremendous comfort for people who feel isolated to learn that we are all in this together and that we all suffer, at least some of the time. This can help them to feel less alone.

No individual need wonder whether his life is worth living - it is definitely worth living.

Sherman Goh Keng Hwee