Important to remember lessons of the past

Unesco's decision to inscribe documents related to the Nanjing massacre in its Memory of the World register is a fair and right one ("Japan lashes out at Unesco decision"; Oct 11).

It is important that Unesco reminds all parties and nations about the atrocities that Japan's government and military soldiers committed during the country's invasion of China, including the Rape of Nanking, as well as during World War II.

I would always want Japan's current and future generations of leaders to apologise.

This is not because I cannot forgive their ancestors for their atrocities, but more importantly, it is so that Japanese leaders will remember the lessons of the past and not repeat the mistakes that caused so much suffering.

Japan has indeed contributed much to world progress and peace, but it takes only a mad and unwise leader to make the same mistakes as his ancestors.

Japan must graciously accept the mistakes of its ancestors and not blame Unesco or other organisations, whose aim is to remind Japan, as well as other nations, not to repeat the horrors of history.

Ace Kindedzen Cheong