Important for older drivers to be more cautious

Singapore can draw lessons from Japan on how it plans to deal with older drivers (Japan looking at ways to tackle elderly road menace; Sept 27).

Most seniors would rather not drive if they can help it. Some drive due to exigencies like taking someone to a medical centre or having to bring a child back from school abruptly.

Although older people, especially those in their 70s, may pass medical or cognitive tests when renewing their driving licences, their vulnerability cannot and should not be totally ignored.

As we age, we find the acuity of our senses such as sight, hearing and touch diminishing, and this affects our well-being, physically and mentally.

Being in this precarious state, it is better for the elderly to avoid driving at night, when it is raining and during rush hours.

It is important for older drivers to exercise greater caution not only for their own safety, but also for that of their passengers and other people on the road.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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