Important for construction workers to be aware of employment rights

The two-day Construction Safety Orientation course is mandatory for all construction workers in Singapore, both local and foreign ("Irrelevant questions in test after training course" by Madam Angelia Ho; Forum Online, July 28).

The course is designed to cover not only key safety issues related to construction works but also a worker's rights and responsibilities under the Employment Act.

It is essential that our construction workers are fully aware of their employment rights.

Employment conditions, such as working hours, leave or rest entitlement, and medical benefits, have a direct bearing on ensuring that workers are able to do their work in a healthy and safe environment.

Thus, key essentials related to the Employment Act, Workmen Injury Compensation Act, and Work Permit conditions are included in the course.

Assessment, accordingly, includes these topics to ensure that construction workers in Singapore have a holistic understanding and appreciation of their work safety and rights.

Lai Poon Piau

Executive Director

Workplace Safety and Health Council