ICA should improve fingerprint scanning procedure at manned counters

Many travellers benefit from the enhanced Immigration Automated Clearance System (eIACS) at the various immigration checkpoints.

Unfortunately, travellers like me with children under the age of six are not among them. We are required to use the manned counter to clear the immigration check.

At times, when I have a child in my arm, I have encountered officers at the counter who insist that I place both my thumbs on the fingerprint scanner at the same time, stating that it is a requirement.

This would mean that I have to convince my child to stand, and young children do not always co-operate easily.

The requirement at the manned counter is contrary to eIACS, which only needs the fingerprint of either the left or right thumb.

It seems to me that requiring both thumbs is not increasing the security if one fingerprint can suffice; in fact, the presence of an ICA officer already provides the additional layer of screening to confirm the identity of the person.

Could ICA look into a more practical situation and tweak the clearance process at the counter?

Bong Chun Hian

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