Hybrid football league an unrealistic idea

The suggestion that the current S-League be replaced with a hybrid S-League is not realistic and an unmanageable plan (Consider having a hybrid S-League, by Mr Ivan Goh Sian Lung; Sept 23).

Having only four professional teams compete with semi-professional ones in the same division can only cause upheavals in the management of clubs and players at the end of each playing season.

With a relegation and promotion system for the league, there will be a see-sawing between professional and semi-professional classifications for the clubs. In one season a club could be professional, and in another, be relegated to semi-professional, or vice versa.

This change will be a major obstacle to the smooth running of the clubs and create uncertainty in a professional player's career when the probability of relegation looms for a descent into semi-professionalism.

Among the points to consider are how the Football Association of Singapore is going to decide which clubs can be professional or semi-professional at the start of this hybrid S-League, and how funding would be apportioned.

George Pasqual